Imbue CBD Marketplace is designed to fit the needs of today’s evolving independent pharmacy. Let’s face it. Carrying some CBD is great, but specific patient product needs can require high inventory. What if you could sell the customer the Imbue CBD they need, place the order online, and ship the product directly to the patient’s home (or pharmacy for pick-up)? Well now you can!

Designed to create easy access to an extensive line of clinically efficacious CBD products while providing a superior user experience, our ImbueRx CBD Marketplace fits seamlessly in the way independent pharmacies operate today. Order regular store inventory OR individual customer orders ALL ON THE SAME WEBSITE!

  • Select from the entire Imbue inventory of People and Pet products
  • Continue carrying top selling items in store for immediate and impulse purchases
  • Sell additional individual items WITHOUT carrying added extensive inventory and tying up capital.
  • Convenient online ordering through ImbueRx CBD Marketplace.
  • Make immediate, high margin spread
  • AND you can still order regular STORE INVENTORY ORDERS while on the website!

This is how it works…

  • Select the right Imbue product(s) for your INDIVIDUAL patient.
  • Collect the money from the patient
  • GO TO WWW.ImbueRx.COM and conveniently place the order online. Specify where to ship…directly to patient’s home or pharmacy for pickup
  • Orders LESS THAN $300 are automatically processed at 45% off MSRP which includes all handling and shipping. Orders over $300 are processed at your normal wholesale pricing
  • Product ships, most likely same day.

That’s it. Simple. Convenient. LESS INVENTORY to carry. Make money and satisfy individual patient needs.

We’ll even send a counter sign to help inform your patients. Educational materials, reference charts and as always, brochures are available too…even sample sizes of some products are available to order.

Questions? Need help placing your orders? Give us a call at 844.864.6283, or  GO TO OUR CONTACT PAGE.