Imbue Vegan CBD Capsules

Exceptional clinical performance without Gelatin

We wrote the book on clinically efficacious CBD capsules. Imbue Botanicals was the very first company to introduce a CBD capsule. Our exclusive CBD capsules provide a convenient alternative to tinctures when a higher, more sustained, exact dose is preferred. Our Vegan capsules are colored with natural chlorophyll to protect the CBD oil from light which can cause degradation. And Imbue Botanicals is the only company we know of to utilize organic hemp seed oil as a carrier, which provides exceptional consistency and absorption.

But it’s what’s NOT in our vegan capsules that makes a huge difference. Unlike our vegan capsule which is made from vegetable cellulose, virtually all other CBD capsules on the market contain gelatin which is formed from the boiled bones and skin of cows and pigs and may cause adverse reactions. Our capsules won’t. From our very inception we couldn’t see encapsulating our proprietary CBD in anything less than the very best. Many consumers have no idea where gelatin comes from, and we believe if they knew, they’d definitely be put off.

The advantages that vegan capsules have over gelatin capsules, apart from being appropriate for different lifestyles and diets, are that gelatin capsules have a lower tolerance to heat and humidity than gelatin capsules. Therefore, gelatin capsules do not offer stability when stored for longer periods of time or in warmer temperatures like we experience in our distribution center in Palm Springs, California.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Another key advantage that vegan cellulose capsules have over gelatin is the rate that they dissolve in the stomach. Vegan capsules dissolve faster and can release their contents to be consumed by the body at a faster, more effective rate.

While gelatin is approved by the FDA for human consumption in area circumstances it can cause adverse reactions including:

  • Indigestion/burping
  • Upset stomach
  • Bloated stomach
  • Allergic reaction or hypersensitivity
  • Potential exposure to toxins such as antibiotics or pesticides in the food given to animals or even bovine TSE (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy).

To be clear, vegan capsules offer significant advantages over their gelatin counterparts. They are 100% natural, containing no preservatives, starch, sugar, artificial colors, dairy or other added ingredients and they’re non-GMO. Vegan capsules are better tolerated by the digestive system, and they have no risk of allergies, hypersensitivity or bovine TSE.

While its true that our vegan capsules cost more than lesser quality, animal derived gelatin capsules, we think its well worth the money. And we believe our customers and wholesale pharmacy partners and patients do as well!