Earth Day 2023

We need to do more….

This Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day. It’s been something we’ve been writing about since we started Imbue. We’ve always promoted an “Earth First” approach in everything we do. But this year seems even more important. The news this past Winter and Spring has been burdened with story after story on storms moving through the U.S. and wreaking all sorts of havoc from tornadoes to massive snowstorms to flooding. With all that said, it seems critical that companies reevaluate their programs and see what else they can do to lower their carbon footprint.

You probably already know that hemp is a major part of our Earth First approach. Hemp grows to 13 feet in 100 days, making it one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion processes available. Industrial hemp has been proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop, making it the ideal carbon sink. It can also be grown on a wide scale on nutrient poor soils with very small amounts of water and no fertilizers, making its potential virtually ubiquitous. And because it requires no fertilizers or pesticides, it’s far better from an environmental perspective than virtually any other commercial crop.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Hemp has the ability to replace traditional petroleum-based plastics with an environmentally friendly alternative that actually biodegrades, potentially saving millions of seabirds, ocean creatures and perhaps the oceans themselves. It can replace the CO2-heavy use of concrete in building materials and make clothing more comfortable and durable than the finest cottons.

While hemp remains front and center of our Earth First approach, this year we looked again at our packaging in an effort to determine if we could utilize a few different approaches to reduce the use of any non-recyclable materials and reduce the amount of packaging, and thus reduce waste as a result. So, in the coming months, you might notice some packaging changes we’ve implemented including eliminating the plastic-based tincture bags and smaller sized boxed. And of course, we’ll never alter the quality or consistency of our product. But if we can carry out a few minor changes that provide an impact in lowering our carbon footprint, that’s a win.

And on this Earth Day, it’s also incumbent on all of us as individuals here on this planet we all share to reevaluate what we are doing to lower our carbon footprint. Working together can make a difference…a difference this planet desperately needs.